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1 2 3 Dil Ko Karrar Aaya Trending Instagram Reels Viral Video Editing Beat Sync Alight Motion Tutorial


Step 1: First you have to download the Alight motion app then install it, now open the alight motion app (Download Now).

Step 2: Now there are two projects: 'Dil Ko Qarar Aya Beatmark Technical Sohail' and ' 'Dil Ko Qarar Aya Shake Effect Technical Sohail' named.

Step 3: Just click the Beatmark project, you will automatically redirect the alight motion app. You don't have to mark beat-wise because I have done it already and there is a song added also.

Step 4: Now add a count-up green screen video ( For example. 1,2,3...), then add the Move & Transform key animation on it.

Tap on the video, go to Effects option >> Add Effect >> Click on Chroma Key option >> Green Screen. Here make sure the key colour is green, then increase the value of the threshold.

Step 5: Click on the plus sign to import or add your images by clicking on the plus sign, go to the Image & Video option and select the Images, then add. Fill those images on Screen using three dots. And you can add Move & Transform effect also on each image.

Step 6: Now adjust them beat mark-wise as in the shown screenshot. You should add the photos according to beat mark-wise as in the shown screenshot.

Step 7: After that exit from this beat mark project and go to shake effect project. There will be three images on the timeline.

Step 8: Click on the first photo, go to effects >> tap on three dots >> and copy the effects. And exit from this effect project.

Step 9: Again open that Beat mark project and paste the effects on some images.

Step 10: Again open the shake effect project and copy the effects from the second image, and again open that Beat mark project, and paste the effects on another or the rest images.

Step 11: Do this repeatedly until five effects are not pasted on all images, after pasting all effects on all images, add a bokeh effect video or add a shadow png image.
Step12: Now you can do Export.

(Download the materials from the below)
Or you can do more customization like add White shadow, Red or Blue border, add particle video, add any other text, add some png, or Bollywood Song, etc.

If you want to learn this tutorial with the help of videos, click on the image (thumbnail). And you will be able to see the tutorial of this video on YouTube.

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You can take the help of materials for practice. You can see its link somewhere below, clicking on it, you will get the materials for reference, but here I will give you the project link, hereafter that you have to use it, but here you have to open that link, from here You have to do the entire editing carefully to get amazing output. 

Beat Mark Preset Link 

Shake Effect Preset Link

All Materials

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