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Which Mobile Application is Better for Video Editing? KineMaster or Avee Player In 2021


KineMaster V/S  Avee Player 2021 

KineMaster vs Avee Player 2021

Avee Player – Editor app review

Most Android mobile phones manufactured today have a built-in music player appHowever, most of them include basic features. So, if you'd wish to own a stronger experience, you'd wish to put in a very third-party app. Avee Music Player (Pro) is also a light-weight multimedia application that provides quite your default player. it's various features, including a visualizer and an equalizer to boost the way you hear your music. after you're attempting to find another to your device’s music player, this one should be in your top choices.

Good Sound Experience

New users of Avee Music Player (Pro) haven't got to stress that they have to transfer their music to the app before they'll play them. The app’s library has various folders, including Everything, which automatically lists all the music files on your mobile device, regardless of what folder it's saved. The library also organizes your music in various categories, like Albums, Artists, and Genres. you will be able to also create your playlist or view songs on folders. Avee Music Player (Pro) supports almost all types of media formats so you will play any music file without media conversion.

To improve the sound experience, you can use the equalizer feature in Avee player app. you will be ready to use this feature to correct minor flaws in your speakers, headsets, or setup. you will be ready to also use the equalizer to listen to your music the way you would like it to sound. With this, you'll enjoy your music more.

Avee Music Player (Pro) also comes with a spread of visualizers. These audio visualizers are customizable, users can easily customize their shapes, color, size, and audio sync. you will be able to even put your picture. More so, you will be able to import visualizer templates to the app and use them. you will be ready to also export the preset templates as HD video files.

Other Feature

Avee Music Player (Pro) offers other features. It is easy to use, it permits you to play your music at any time, you simply must visit the library tab under the menu option to see your music list here you can create your playlist also.

But, if you'd prefer to customize how the app looks, you'll tweak it, including its color theme. The app also comes with a screen orientation lock to remain the playback from changing orientation, whether or not you flip your phone horizontal or vertical. Furthermore, you'll set the sleep timer to automatically stop the app from playing your music without you opening the app again.

Avee Music Player (Pro) can run within the background, allowing you to concentrate on your music while using other applications on your phone. you'll even add it to your status bar widget for easier access. The app can even be accessed even in lock-screen, so you don’t must unlock your phone whenever you want to skip songs.

Good Alternative but Not Really Reliable

Avee Music Player (Pro) could also be an honest app if you're looking for another to your built-in player. The software boasts various features that enhance your music playback. However, while it offers a more robust experience, it still lags when it involves more advanced features. It also doesn’t help that it's some reliability issues. But, if you're only looking to spice up your music experience, then it can do the duty.


  • unengaged to Use
  • Smooth Music Playback
  • Comes with Customizable Visualizer
  • Supports most well-liked Music Format


  • is also slightly Difficult to Use for Beginners
  • Doesn’t Export Visualizer Files Properly
  • The Visualizer Sometimes doesn't Work
  • Annoying Ad Insert

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KineMaster – Pro Video Editor app review

If you think that that that creating a video is commonly fussy or difficult, it's clear that you simply haven’t tried this app before. There are many apps for creating videos, clearly, but not many of them have handy features and straightforward implementation for the work. If you're browsing for feedbacks or reviews for the app, you'll still see the how-to guide and example videos. variety of them includes series of photos display with music for the background.

They all look great and professional. How you'd prefer to make the video is up to you but from these examples alone, you will see that the final word quality is super-rich, smooth, and flawless. compared to other video editor apps, this KineMaster – Pro Video Editor for Android is in an exceedingly position to deliver better results, features, efficiency, and practicality.

Managing the layers, texts, and effects is made fun of because of the simple operation. you're liberal to crop, merge, cut, then much more. whether or not this could be your first time with the app, you'll use the help screen, tutorials, and project assistance popup that always appears on every step you're doing.


  • It offers a landscape view which is quite good and comfy for several of the users. Well, it doesn’t strain your eyes, for sure.
  • Choosing the photographs or videos from your collections is easy because the app also connects to the cloud system.
  •  you'll switch from an awfully basic operation to a rather complicated one.
  • you'll enjoy the free trial for up to 14 days.


  • The app doesn’t support 4K resolution although it offers 1080p type, which can be an honest one for a smartphone.
  • Till now, there is no option to edit 4k videos.
  • The app will lag or freeze in some devices if your device is not compatible with this app.
  • If you choose the free service, your videos will have the KineMaster watermark logo on them. If you would like to be free from it, you'd wish to own a paid service.

How to Use the App

Operating the app is fairly easy. If you want to upload photos or videos, you can do it with the available feature. You can also write an opening line or have it with an image – whatever style meets your preference. If you are familiar with a video editor app before, this one is definitely a no-brainer. Even if you aren’t used to the app can still operate the app easily and maneuver your way around. If you decide to have a final touchup, the effects feature will help a lot.


§ Adds support for 3:4, 4:3, 4:5, and 2.35:1 aspect ratio exports

§ Adds support to duplicate a project to a different aspect ratio

§ Adds the ability to apply a text layer’s styles to all text layers

§ Adds Media (video and images) category to the Asset Store

§  Allows sorting files by creation date in Media Browser

§  Allows file type selection (All, Image, Video) in Media Browser

Click KineMaster App Icon To Download

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