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Best Video Editing App For Android, Alight Motion Application

Alight Motion Video Editing App

Alight Motion Video Editing App

Alight Motion Application Is one of the best Video Editing Applications for your smartphone or android mobile phone.

The tool could be a pro-motion graphics tool that enables you to achieve professional-level animation, motion graphics, visual effects,  video compositing, and video editing right on your mobile device.

Build and Features

Alight Motion has several layers of graphics, audio, and video built. The Alight Motion app supports bitmap and vector, which are some things you are doing not easily hesitate upon on mobile phones. You can color correction and add visual effects features by the Alight Motion app, there is also keyframe animation available for all settings.
After the edit, a video is easy to execute. You can select presets or make your video unique by using timing curves. The gradient fill effects, shadow, solid color, border effects, and many more. Alight Motion Too Many Features Like Blending, Opacity, Chroma Key Etc.
In the Alight Motion, edited files are can be exported as GIF animation or MP4 video. Also, your favorite elements will be saved to be used in future projects.

You can do such things as animation, moving objects and many more, it is the easiest application to do this thing, you can say this app After Effects of Mobile.


Membership Options If you wish only the essential features and don’t mind a watermark on your videos, Alight Motion wouldn't cost you anything. However, if you’d like more features and no watermark, you’ll need to pick from the multiple paid membership choices available and subscription plans are managed by Google. Therefore, if you’d wish to cancel your plan, you'd do this via the Google Play Store website or app. The subscription would renew automatically if you are doing not cancel it.

Click here to download the app

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