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Name Art Status Editing, Professional Name Art Video Logo WhatsApp Story editing in Kinemaster

Name Art Status Editing

Hey, it's Sohail from Technical Sohail Youtube Channel.

In this tutorial, we will learn 

Name Art Status Editing, Professional Name Art Video Logo WhatsApp Story editing in Kinemaster

If you want to learn this tutorial with the help of videos then click on the image. And you will be able to see the tutorial of this video on YouTube.

You can take the help of materials for practice. You can see its link somewhere below, clicking on it, you will get the materials for reference, but here I will give you the project link, hereafter that you have to use it, but here you have to open that link, from here You have to do the entire editing carefully to get amazing output.

Let's Do it,

Step 1 -  Open Pixel Lab & follow the interface and import a new text box and then type your name which you want to use for this purpose.

Step 2 -  Edit the font, style, color, size, and basic adjustments. Try to use calligraphy fonts to enhance the quality.

Step 3 -  Then use the samples I'm providing below and use that png whatever you want to use and make a suitable match, there is a variety of png for this category of short videos.

Step 4-  Expand this slide to 10 or 20 seconds to make the duration longer and export it.

Step 5- Open Kinemaster using the exported clip and adjust the duration according to your choice.

Step 6 - Then animate the clip by using my samples which I provided below, if you already have the previous samples, no worries, you still can use those. And then find the perfect music for this content (romantic songs if your clip is love-related content or Eccentric music for action or thriller clips)

Step 7- Finally you made it, at this last point of this tutorial, just review the adjustments, edits, timeline, cuts & beats of the music and also do the final adjustments (Color grading). You are good to go to the export.
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Just hit the button if you want to use these Materials for only the practice purpose of this tutorial.

Click here to download all materials

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