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How To Make Cartoon Face From photo | Make Own 3D Cartoon Photo | Apna Photo Se Cartoon Photo Kaise Banae

Voila App - Make Own 3D Cartoon Photo

Voila app is an application that comes under the category of photography. This VoilĂ  AI Artist Photo to Cartoon Face Art Editor app available in Playstore and Apple Store also. This app has been published by Wemagine AI. and Android and iPhone users can use this app easily.

Voila app is an app that makes your photos into other art like fun cartoons or 3d Cartoon photo, renaissance paintings and hand draw caricatures by combining human’s creativity.

Features of Voila app cartoon

  • Make your images into an image that looks like of 15th century, 18th century and 20th century.
  • Easily you can transform your images into a 3D Cartoon or Vector image.
  • Here Voila app users can get many Royalty Cartoon Images and Baby cartoon of their own pictures.
  • Your picture getting dressed up as a hilarious caricature also.

How To Make Cartoon Face From photo

Step 1: Download Voila App and Open the app (Download link below).

Step 2: Click on 3d cartoon and select your image to make Cartoon Face from the photo.

Step 3: You can see Voila, Royalty 3d, Baby 3d, Cartoon 3d options.

Step 4: Take a Screenshot of your 3d image.

Step 5: Now open another app Remini App named (Download link below).

Step 6: Register yourself in Remini App.

Step 7: Now click on Enhance and select the image that you have taken a screenshot of.

Step 8: Crop the image as a 1:1 ratio.

Step 9: Now click on the Right icon (✔).

Step 10: Wait for a few seconds then your photo will be enhanced.

Step 11: Now save your 3d Cartoon image.

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