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How To Make Cloud Moving Full Screen WhatsApp Status Video, Editing Tutorial In Kinemaster


Cloud Moving Full Screen WhatsApp Status Video

Hey, it's Sohail from Technical Sohail Youtube Channel.

In this tutorial, we will learn 

How To Make Cloud Moving Full Screen WhatsApp Status Video, Editing Tutorial In Kinemaster

If you want to learn this tutorial with the help of videos then click on the thumbnail. And you will be able to see the tutorial of this video on YouTube.

You can take the help of materials for practice. You can see its link somewhere below, clicking on it, you will get the materials for reference, but here I will give you the project link, hereafter that you have to use it, but here you have to open that link, from here You have to do the entire editing carefully to get amazing output.

Let's do,

Step 1: Open the Kinemaster application ( download link somewhere below), you can download it from the Play store.

Step 2: Create a new project with a 9:16 ratio to make Cloud Moving Full Screen WhatsApp Status Video.

Step 3: Now import your image and tap on the image from the timeline and extend it up to 15 seconds, but here make sure the background of your image will have some cloud or sky, otherwise this status video will be incomplete.

Step 4: Again Import a black shadow image png by clicking on the layer tab and then media. And Adjust it as you want. (download link somewhere below)

Step 5: Go to layer tab then media and import a 'Sky Cloud by Technical Sohail' named video. (download link somewhere below)

Step 6: Tap on that video, then go to the cropping option and enable the Mask, With that increase the Feather up to 50.

Step 7: Again tap on that video, go to the Blending option select Overlay, and adjust it on the sky side.

Step 8: Now again import an Inshot named video, It looks like Music Player App. Then go to the blending option then select the screen option. Hold it and move on the downside.

Step 9:Add a ' Mood Feel The Song ' text png.

Here if you want more customization, then you do.
Step 10: Then Export this Status video.

Just hit the button if you want to use these Materials for only the practice purpose of this tutorial.

Click here to download all materials

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