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Trending Black Screen Lyrics Video Editing | Glow Lyrics Effect | Alight Motion & Node Video Editing

How To Edit Instagram Trending Glow Text Black Screen Lyrics Editing | Glowing Text

Step 1: Download the Alight motion app, then install & open it (Download Now).

Step 2: Now click on the plus sign and create a new project, rename the project, select the ratio or custom resolution like 1080x2340, with 30 fps, select black background or solid, and click on Create Project.

Step 3: Click on the plus sign, then Audio, then click View all, now and add music or song, music download link is given below.

Step 4: Now mark the music's beats, by clicking on the flag sign from the right side, as you can see in the screenshot.

Step 5: Again, click on the plus sign and add lyrics or text, then type your lyrics or text like 'Teri Meri Gallan', Then add Move & Transform key animation and change the font style after import the font (Merciful Heart.ttf).

Step 4: Exit from this project and open shake effect project. There is a text on the timeline click on that, go to effects >> tap on three dots >> and copy the effects. And exit from this effect project.

Step 7: Again open the Beat mark project and paste the effects on texts that you added on the timeline.

Step 8: Now select two layers one is text and another is heart, by clicking on the view (eye) sign from the left side. And copy both layers.

Step 9: Now paste them besides that layers by doing same procedure, do multiple times and edit the lyrics, as shown on the screenshot.

Step 9: After adding all effects on all texts, now you can do Export.
Step 10: Do export the video.

Step 11: Now Download Node App & open, do customize as you want or as you can see the screenshot.

Finally, now do Export or you can do more customization like add White shadow, Red or Blue border, add particle video, add any other text, add some png, or Bollywood Song, etc.

If you want to learn this tutorial with the help of videos, click on the image (thumbnail). And you will be able to see the tutorial of this video on YouTube.

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